“What’s wrong with having faith?”

When I talk about the evidence for God, I do a faithpalm.

I’d like to say, first of all, that I am not one of those atheists who seeks to strip people of their faith. I despise that religion teaches that “faith” is a good thing. Faith is believing something without a good reason. Faith is, by definition, gullibility. If many people had been raised to believe that a magic sandwich created the world, I have no doubt that it would be the dominating belief in our society. Especially when this belief comes with all kinds of benefits for the in-group.

I enjoy debating Christians. I believe there is a benefit to it. Firstly, I enjoy making people think about their beliefs, and if that’s the only benefit, I’d still do it. I’m a fervent believer in standing up for what is right. Usually, after I’ve pointed out the fallacies in Christians’ arguments, they eventually fall back on the argument “You just…

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