Theistic Arguments Rebutted


After posting my last blog I started thinking about common theist arguments and how most are quite easily dismissed by people who know and recognize them.  This got me to thinking that I don’t think I’ve seen them compiled before.  I’ll do my best to remedy that here.  This isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive list, numpties are coming up with new silly arguments daily.  I just want to list some of the most common that you will all run across and perhaps equip you with the tools to easily rebut them.  This way you won’t walk away and think, “oh man, I shoulda said __”  I’m going to include the claim, the long answer, and the snarky twitter answer.  All snarky twitter comments are mine unless otherwise credited.

“The bible/Quran/Torah/Book of Mormon says ______”

-Quite simply put, these and other “holy” books are not evidence for the existence of…

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