Some Congratulations are In Order… and A Few Other Things

Deep Fried Fission Chips


First, a big congratulations to Peter Higgs!  In 1964, he along with several other physicists, predicted the existence of a yet-to-be-detected fundamental particle that has since been named the Higgs boson.  If the proposed particle and its related field existed, they would together explain why some particles such as protons and neutrons have mass, but particles like photons do not.  Earlier this year, after years of construction and testing, researchers at CERN in Switzerland concluded that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) had produced the long-sought Higgs boson.  If the joy of having one’s predictions proven correct wasn’t enough, Higgs received a call early Tuesday morning alerting him of the fact that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.  Congratulations, Mr. Higgs!

ACE Program (and extra credit!)

Second, please be advised that if you are interested in the ACE Program, you should sign up this weekend at the…

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