Physics Laws That “Don’t Apply” in Movies Part I

Scribbles of a Physics Teacher

Generally, filmmakers have no choice but to comply with the laws of Physics in the films that they make. However, there are times that they have to “cheat” to create very good special effects.

Let us identify a few movie effects that could make us believe things that are far from the realities of life.

 1.     Exploding cars

exploding cars

 You are watching a heart-pounding action film, with a very good and exciting car chase. Suddenly, one of the cars crash, gasoline leak and within a few seconds… BANG! A terrific but disturbing explosion which is completely violent. In reality, gasoline doesn’t easily explode! Calvin Feist identified several factors that could cause a car to burst into flames and rare occasions that it would explode. It was only recently that this kind of car explosions was discovered on film. You wouldn’t see those in black-and-white movies. It’s pretty good to see…

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