jiggled — twisted warping and curved spacetime confirmed

the Hunt for Truth


Earth’s spin warps space around the planet. This was predicted according to Einstein; in the same way that a large ball placed on a elasticated cloth stretches the fabric and causes it to sag, so planets and stars warp space-time.

To illustrate the effect, just image a very large ball and a much smaller ball rolling across elasticated cloth. The smaller ball will begin to move towards the larger ball since the cloth gives way more in that direction. By Einstein’s reckoning gravity is not a force, as Sir Isaac Newton speculated, but it is a consequence of the distortion of space and time. Any object distorts space-time and the bigger it is, the greater the effect.

The planets of our solar system are orbiting the Sun because they travel like everything in the universe at a high speed away from the point of origin towards the edges…

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