God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

The Awkward Writer

Book Review

Author: Christopher Hitchens

Published: 2007

Christopher Hitchens has written what approaches a masterpiece. Filled with historical references to religious atrocities and relevant examples, he builds his argument into a crescendo of atheist force.

If you’ve been put off by reading Dawkins I’d say Hitchens removes those elements that some people find unpalatable about Dawkins. More focused on eloquence and the symphony of style, Hitchens is better at backing up his argument with persuasive anecdotes and little-known facts.

All the more moving for the fact that Hitchens has now sadly passed away, this book is a manifesto for anyone who has dallied on the fence regarding religion. Unwittingly converted to the dark side by Dawkins when I was a teenager with cash to spare, there is a romance about Hitchens that allures the unbeliever.

His is a legacy of Platonic rationalism that elevates the mind above the mud of…

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Rev. Austin Miles Says Nobel Prize Awarded for the Devil’s Work

Divided Under God

As you’ve already heard, physicists Peter Higgs and Francois Englert were recently awarded the Nobel Prize for their work in discovering  the Higgs-Boson particle, tragically nicknamed the “God Particle” by the media.  The discovery has helped give credence to hypotheses scientists have held for years about the origins of the universe.  And like any scientific revelation throughout history, it has been greeted with disdain by the ultra-religious community.

One of these science doubters is Rev. Austin Miles, an author and blogger who has bounced around different sites due to some criticism over his integrity in the past.  Rev. Miles wrote an article that appeared on the site allvoices.com among others, but interestingly enough, the post on allvoices was the only one I could find that had comments enabled.  I can only assume that’s because the good reverend isn’t able to control it, but that’s yet to be confirmed.  In his…

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Why I don’t believe in God(s)

Truth Is Elusive


When I first started my blog I thought I would attempt a very clear pathway to describing my thoughts about religion and why I don’t believe in God or gods, but that was yet another fanciful idea that I had in my brain that will never materialize.  Most of this is likely because I’m not organized enough to lay it all out in a clear and precise fashion, but I think part of it is that it is not defined consistently enough making it too difficult to be discussed.  Ignosticism comes to mind here (the idea that there are too many different definitions of God or gods that different people have which makes it too hard to even respond about their existence).

But I’m not going to talk about ignosticism.  Instead I’m going to begin to try to explain why I don’t believe in God.

One of my own explanations…

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